As mentioned previously, Positive Affirmations are defined as a positive statement or phrase one says about themselves and their environment.

The Happy Core Company believes it is so important for children to start saying Positive Affirmations from a young age. This enables them to create strong core belief systems, learn positive behaviours & wire their brains in such a positive way for the future.

By directing a child’s mind from a young age in the right direction it can help them build a strong sense of self-esteem, self-belief and improve their emotional, mental and physical well-being.

It can help them overcome self-sabotaging, negative thoughts, and build their inner confidence so they then radiate confidence on the outside.

It is our belief that every child should have access to positive affirmations as tools for everyday life.

It can give them the power to know they can achieve anything in life as it builds their inner cheerleader. Then as their positive mind expands, all areas of their life’s can improve. As they begin to see this, they become more mindful of their thoughts, which in turn creates more positive behaviours and subsequently, the positive cycle continues.


Managing Emotions

Through no fault of their own children, over time, can acquire limiting beliefs. This can be from their environment, family, or friends. School can be a tricky time emotionally for some children as they find their feet in the world. Their emotions may be affected by mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Positive Affirmations can help regulate their emotions during their emotional development stages. It can help them understand their emotions more effectively by thinking more mindfully about their thoughts and behaviours. The use of Positive Affirmations regularly & repetitively helps to rewire new neural pathways deep within the brain so that it bypasses their conscious mind and goes straight to their subconscious. Affirmations activate the Brain’s Reward Centre & research shows that the reward circuits can help with coping mechanisms when stressed.

Endless Positive Benefits

So, how can Positive Affirmations help in a School setting?

There are a multitude of benefits of using Positive Affirmations in School but lets cover some of them here…

Install Calmness.

They can produce a calm mind even in stressful situations. When our brains are stressed, we go into fight or flight mode. The fight or flight response is an automatic physiological reaction to an event that is perceived as stressful or frightening. By using Positive Affirmations in school it doesn’t remove the stressful situation or make the child devoid of emotions, it creates better coping mechanisms so as not to allow the situation to overcome them.

Produce Good Results.

Positive Affirmations used regularly can help build a child’s inner cheerleader and by doing so they start to believe in themselves more & more. When they are confident in themselves, they will produce better results in school. When they feel courageous, they will push themselves out of their comfort zones. Children can learn to concentrate more and want to do better. They can increase motivation and a love for learning. They can help children overcome obstacles, helping them reach academic goals. All of which will benefit the school in producing great school reports & performing higher in the performing tables. WIN. WIN.

Building Positive Relationships:

Positive Affirmations are able to install good self-esteem and self-worth within a child and this will reflect the relationships they then build within a school setting. Out of my own experience, friendships are a big cause of how children feel and interact at school. Issues with friendships can overshadow learning. When a child doesn’t feel enough it will not only affect their relationships, but their learning & their confidence too. They might not feel like they have a voice and let others treat them in a certain way. Positive Affirmations can help build positive relationships between children. This starts with the relationship they have with themselves and when they know how to treat themselves in a positive way this will spill over into relationships with their school friends. They then learn to treat people as we want to be treated, opening discussions in a class setting on how they can do this. This doesn’t mean everything will be harmonious but again it gives children the confidence to know their worth, while being kind & respectful to themselves and others.

Schools play a big part in moulding children into the adults they will become and it’s never too early to start.

The Happy Core Company are pleased to offer their Alphabet Affirmation Cards which are aimed at children of Preschool & Reception age.

Children of this age are in, what is known as, their programming years and are completely open to suggestion and are easily programmed by their environment. They are in a super learning state.

Our Alphabet Affirmations can make learning the alphabet different and fun, offering an extra way of learning phonics.  Children can trace over the letters with a wipeable pen. They can be used to open up questions and discussions about what the positive word means to them. And last but not least they can learn a positive affirmation about themselves.