The Happy Core Affirmation range

Positive Affirmations are phrases or statements we say about ourselves to challenge and overcome negative behaviours or thought processes. Negative and unhelpful thoughts can keep us from living a great life, trapped in a viscous circle of negative thoughts & negative behaviours. 

However, It is possible through the power of affirmations and repetition that we can start to create more positive thoughts. The more you think a thought that pathway will get stronger. Imagine a river flowing down a channel, the more it flows the deep the channel becomes. The more you think a thought the easier it will be to become that thought. Our thoughts create our realities.

Positive Affirmations can improve our self-worth, self-love, motivation, and overall health & well-being. 

At The Happy Core Company, we want to make Positive Affirmations available to everyone.  So, join us today and find your Happy Core!

Happy Core Adult Affirmations

We do not need magic to transform our lives. We carry all the power inside of ourselves already.  One positive affirmation in the morning could literally change your whole day.

Happy Core Affirmation Cards For Children

We send our children off to school equipped with all the tools for learning but what about the tools for building a strong positive mindset?


Happy Core Affirmations for the Home

Allow the products around your home to subliminally install positive beliefs about yourself. After all we are what we think!