About Me

Hi I’m Kirsty

In 2005, aged 23 years old, I was given news that everyone dreads.. “You have cancer!”

Following months of pain in my knee, falling up and down stairs, numerous doctor visits to no avail, my right femur bone gave way, and the bone broke and this is how they discovered the Osteosarcoma.

At first, I couldn’t believe how unlucky I was, but I soon came to realise it was probably the luckiest moment of my life having discovered the bone tumour so early and it having a such a great response to chemotherapy.

During this period of my life, I came across positive affirmations. It sent me on a journey of self-improvement, being more mindful of my thoughts and more importantly, what our thoughts can create in our lives.

I would not be the person I am today without discovering the power of positive affirmations. From then on I wanted to share my love of affirmations with the world and from this, The Happy Core Company was born.

our thoughts create our realities, what we think we become, what we put our energy too, we move towards. 

The Power of Affirmations

Having practiced in the field of Therapy as a Practitioner, trying to get to the bottom of client’s issues in adulthood, which 9.5 times out of 10 stemmed from childhood, it occurred to me why aren’t we trying to stamp out these issues from childhood. 

It made me think, If children’s brains are completely open to suggestion, are easily programmed by their environment and are in a super learning state, why not use this time to help them create some beautiful, positive beliefs about themselves? To help them use their thoughts and their imaginations to take them to exactly where they want to be in life. To give them the tools to realise they are worthy & deserving of everything good in life.

Put simply, our thoughts create our realities, what we think we become, what we put our energy too, we move towards. If we could educate children this from a young age, what an amazing life they could lead, full of possibilities. 

Life isn’t all plain sailing for any of us but having a strong positive attitude will see you through. 

Even as adults, It’s never too late to rewire your mind with a more positive outlook on life and yourself, it just takes will power. They say it takes approximately 21 days of commitment to form a new habit in the mind. 

Nothing is impossible.

Take your first steps to a positive outlook