Alphabet Affirmations for Preschoolers


Children of Pre-School – Reception age have the amazing capability to take on board what is being said to them is the truth. They are not critical thinkers at this stage. They are in, what is known as, their programming years and are completely open to suggestion and are easily programmed by their environment. They are in a super learning state.

As we get older our brains start to move into a different frequency and our analytical brain starts to kick in.  If we can repetitively set strong, powerful, positive beliefs between the ages of 2-6 they will grow into adults who feel enough, who feel loveable, worthy and deserving.

The Happy Core Company Alphabet Affirmations make learning the alphabet fun, make learning to write easier by being able to trace over the letters with a wipeable pen, help with phonics by using the positive word to sound out the first letter and ultimately help children learn a positive affirmation about themselves.


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